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A woman goes through many stages in her life that are marked by life experiences. For a woman with breast cancer, the experience is a bitter one, and one that strikes at the very core of her being, the most visible aspect of her womanhood.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women all over the world . Although women above 40 are deemed to be at higher risk of developing breast cancer, the disease sometimes strikes younger women too hence no woman is completely free of risk.

No matter what the prognosis may be for a woman with breast cancer, the news is never easy to accept. And while successful treatment and survival rates are generally positive for women diagnosed and treated early, in many cases diagnosis and treatment is delayed due to poor awareness and barriers to treatment.

For women diagnosed with advanced breast cancer (also known as ABC) – which means that the cancer cells are no longer confined to the breast tissues, but have spread to other parts of the body as well – the news is even harder to deal with.

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it does not only affect her – it affects her family and friends, too.


Step by step

7 different treatments to help you

There are different forms of treatment available, but while radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery form the established arsenal of cancer therapy, newer treatment options are offering patients improved treatment results and longer periods of progression-free survival.

Always be informed, because early detection does save lives, like it saved mine. Also, never give up on the battle: you are stronger than you think.

Choo Mei Sze
Cancer Survivor
Take good care
of your body

Planning out and eating properly

A personal plan comprising proper nutrition and appropriate exercises plays a big role in maintaining a good quality of life. Eating well and remaining active where possible enables a woman to maintain energy levels and mobility.

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Caring for the
heart & mind

Emotional health is important for you

Treatment for ABC is life-long, and it can be difficult to cope with the many changes that need to be implemented, and learning to manage treatment symptoms such as poor appetite and physical changes, pain management and hospitalisation can be overwhelming.

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